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Book Lovers' Soy Candles

Our scented candles evoke fictional worlds, literary characters and the pleasure of reading. All of the candles from our permanent and seasonal collections are available for wholesale.

For wholesale, we offer two sizes of candles - 8oz jars and 4oz tins.


 Size Wholesale Suggested Retail
8oz Jar $9 $18
4oz Tin $5.50 $11

Quantity Requirements

We have an order minimum of 24 candles per size. Additional quantities must be in increments of 12. You may mix and match scents.

Our current order maximum is 48 candles per size - a total of 48 for both 4oz tins and 8oz jars (96 candles total). A message will automatically pop up before checkout if you need to adjust your order quantities.

Product Samples

We realize that ordering scented items online is difficult. To avoid unnecessary returns, we recommend purchasing a discounted sample pack to test out the fragrances before placing a larger order.

Early Access

Wholesalers are able to order seasonal scents before they're available to our retail customers. Availability dates are listed below.

More Information

Permanent Collection

Wholesale Availability: Jan 1st - Nov 16th


Mahogany, Leather, Coffee

Divination Classroom

Incense, Earl Grey Tea

Halfling Hills

Clover, Moss, Pipe Tobacco

Headmaster's Office

Fireplace, Cedarwood, Lemon

Old Books

Aged Paper, Dusty Shelves

Oxford Library

Sandalwood, Oak, Leather

Rainy Day Reads

Fresh Rain, Ginger, Lavender

Reading at the Cafe

Coffee, Chocolate Pastry


Basil, Lavender, Thyme

Sherlock's Study

Cherrywood, Tobacco, Rain

Winter Keep

Evergreen Forest, Bonfire

Wizardy Buttery Drink

Butterscotch, Caramel, Rum

Winter Seasonal

Wholesale Availability: Jan 1st - March 15th

The Wall

Cedarwood, Winter Mint

Through the Wardrobe

Spruce, Applewood, Snow

Spring Seasonal

Wholesale Availability: March 1st - May 20th

Book Cellar

Dirt, Basement, Vanilla Bean

Gatsby's Mansion

Champagne, Sea Mist, Daisy

Pemberley Gardens

Rose, Lilac, Hyacinth

Sexy Librarian

Rosewood, Lilac, Musk

Summer Seasonal

Wholesale Availability: May 20th - Aug 20th

Cliffs of Insanity

Sea Mist, Caribbean Teakwood

Don't Panic

Fresh Cotton, Green Tea

The Old Forest

Fig, Dirt, Rosewood, Spices

Trashy Romance Novel

Peach, Citrus, Cherry Blossom

Wizardy Houses

Wholesale Availability: June 20th - July 20th

Ambitious Wizards

Frankincense and Myrrh

Brave Wizards

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Loyal Wizards

Wild Mountain Honey

Smart Wizards

Black Currant Tea

Fall Seasonal

Wholesale Availability: Aug 20th - Nov 8th


Apple, Newsprint, Crayon

Le Cirque des Rêves

Caramel Corn, Chestnut

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Spooky Stories

Dry Leaves, Campfire, Cocoa

Holiday Seasonal

Wholesale Availability: Sept 1st - Nov 16th

Bah Humbug

Pine, Fig, Orange, Pepper

Christmas at the Burrow

Cookies, Cinnamon, Vanilla

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We're closed for the holidays!

Our wholesale shop will reopen on January 1st. Thank you so much for supporting us this year! To receive news and updates, please sign up for our Wholesale Newsletter.

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