Our Mission

We have a passion for art and reading, which we want to share with everyone! Our goal is to connect with like-minded folks, make a positive difference in our world and create more book nerds.

Rox and Tom midway through the mural at our studio

This mission statement outlines how we hope to build strong relationships with our customers, employees, friends, family, partners and neighbors.

  1. Create awesome things that need to exist!
    • Make book nerds happy
    • Earn a living as artists
    • Maintain a small, sustainable handmade business
  2. Encourage people to read, because reading is cool!
    • Enjoy stories and gain knowledge
    • Relate to other cultures and points of view
    • Support schools, libraries and independent bookstores
  3. Promote education and literacy through community outreach!
    • Connect with teachers, librarians and students
    • Pay it forward by sharing our knowledge and resources
    • Participate in book drives and other events to help local and national organizations

We welcome feedback and suggestions! You can contact us here.

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Closed for the Holidays

Thank you for supporting us this year! Wholesale availability will return in January, along with our Winter seasonal collection.

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